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Seal Cove Patio
Looking for a dog-friendly restaurant in the Half Moon Bay Area?
Relax outdoors on our heated, dog-friendly patio with dramatic Pacific Ocean views.

  • ocean view restaurant patio
  • dog friendly restaurant patio
  • enjoy cocktails overlooking the Pacific Ocean
  • well behaved dogs welcome at the Moss Beach Distillery
  • events for dogs and their owners
  • relax by fire pits with ocean view
  • cozy blankets and benches at this romantic restaurant patio
  • dog beds, water bowls and dog menu available
  • Zippy and Suki enjoy this dog friendly location
  • outdoor ocean view restaurant patio with fire pits
The Seal Cove Patio offers comfortable chairs, cozy blankets and blazing firepits to sit beside and take in the views.

Overlooking the ocean is our heated outdoor Seal Cove Patio, where we welcome all well-behaved dogs and their owners. Watch whales swim by and seals sunbathe below while snuggling in a provided cozy blanket next to one of our natural gas fire pits. The patio offers a casual setting so you can feel free to stop in for a quick Bloody Mary or spend the day eating, drinking and listening to waves crash on the shore below.

There are no reservations for our patio seating. Enjoy self-service food and beverages from our upstairs or downstairs bar. The full menu is always available on the patio but must be ordered from the upstairs bar. If you are interested in full service dining, we are happy to accommodate you in one of our upstairs dining rooms.

Please note: Due to California Health Code, there are absolutely NO DOGS allowed inside of the restaurant, with the exception of service dogs. If your dog is aggressive or not friendly with other dogs, please do not bring them onto our patio. Aggressive dogs and dogs not under control of their owners at ALL times will be asked to leave. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
dog friendly restaurant outdoor patio in Half Moon Bay area
Visit our dog-friendly, ocean view patio and treat your furry friend from our doggie menu featuring grilled hot dogs, mini burger patties and more.
ocean view outdoor dining restaurant in Half Moon Bay area
dog with owner at sunset on our dog friendly patio
photo by Lynde Alvarez

We were recently featured in AAA's VIA Magazine as one of 16 spots named Best Pet Destinations in the West. We are honored by this accolade and happy to live up to that reputation by providing water bowls, doggie beds, and even a dog food menu for man's best friend. Our doggie menu features items such as grilled hot dogs, mini burger patties, and even a skirt steak for those really good dogs. We also have seasonal dog photo contests where your dog can compete to win up to $100 in gift certificates to the restaurant, be featured on our website/Facebook pages and, more importantly, grant you bragging rights. We take pride in our love for dogs and strive to provide an incomparable setting for you to spend the day with your pooch.

Our Seal Cove Patio overlooks the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and is a premier spot to watch the sun set into the horizon.

dog paw print 4th Annual
Dog Photo Contest

Our 4th Annual Dog Photo Contest runs July 1 through October 31, 2013. Bring your dog to hang out on our dog-friendly, heated outdoor patio and ask the manager or hostess to take your dog's photo with our camera on our outdoor patio. See complete rules below. Please be patient if we are really busy. Prizes include gift certificates to the Distillery and more. We look forward to meeting you and your pups! See the contestants' photos below.

PDF Dog Photo Contest Rules & Release Form

Dog Photo Contest Archives

dog paw print Other Dog Friendly Locations and Services

Looking for other things to do with and for your dog? Click here to see our furry friends' caretakers and places to go on the coastside.

dog paw print What Others Are Saying...

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Our popular dog friendly patio with doggie menu is getting noticed:

VIA Magazine - Best Pet Destinations
CNN Travel - "Five Fido-friendly getaways"'s Dog News

Meet all of the Contestants for our 4th Annual Dog Photo Contest...

Penny - Sheltie

Riley - Pomeranian
He is like a little Lord Pomleroy! Very preppy!

Max - Dachshund
Pound rescue. Grew up on mean streats and found the lap of luxury.

Molly - Chocolate Lab
She's 17 years old. Answers to "Good girl watermelon"

Mendy - Border Collie Mix
Never licks genitalia.

Seargent - Lab
Catches treats off nose.

Sierra - Golden Retriever
She's got a heart freckle on her tongue.

Roxey - Mix
Roxey is 13 years old. I rescued her when she was 6 months to a year. It was a rainy day ... I yelled up to my mom, "I have a surprise." She said, "It better not be a puppy." :-)

Dreamy eyed love muffin

Cupcake - Yorkie (toy)
Smallest service dog a friend could have!

Randall - Labrador
He is a guide dog in training -- very cute and playful.

Piper - Yorkie
Favorite meal is chicken from Moss Beach Distillery.

Willow - Yorkie
Mom's favorite place, now Willow's favorite.

Dory - Golden Retriever
Loves snow and sledding.

Milton - Terrier mix
Deaf, blind and ready to rock!

Romeo - Pug
Full time snorer, even with eyes open.

Sidney - Chihuahua
He squeaks instead of barks.

Lady - Chihuahua mix
She's grumpy all the time.

Oski - Shar-Pei
Oski has had his picture taken on campus with Oski [UC Berkeley mascot] and was a scoreboard winner.

Bubba - Basset Hound/Terrier
Flappy Flews

Zuzu - Basenji
One ear up/one down

Trixie - Queensland Heeler mix
Puts her back foot out straight when lying down and talks to us by cute noises.

Grizzly - Golden Retriever

Norma Jean - Terrier

Licorice - mix

Gooey - Chihuahua
Likes to give hugs

Taichi - Shiba Inu
More like a cat than a dog. Sleeps on the back of the couch, licks paws then wipes face like a cat.

Matteo - Siberian Husky
Matteo gooses everyone who comes in our house!

Scout - Terrier mix
Scout loves walking daily, swimming and afterwards holding down the bed! Favorite snack is chicken.

Goose - Yellow Lab
Best dog ever

Georgie - Yellow Lab
Picks pears, boogie boards

Cody Ross Rutherford - Mini-Aussie
Can do circus tricks with a big ball.

Winnie - Black Lab
Seeing eye dog

Sebastian - Yorkie
Very cute, intelligent, and caring dog who will put a smile on anyone's face.

Bella - Yorkie
She is a fierce 5-month-old that dominates the household while charming everyone. She adores Moss Beach Distillery and has become fond of the Blue Lady.

Lola Larkins - Yorkie
Every Sunday Lola Larkins visits Moss Beach and loves it.

Coco - Yorkie
Coco cries all the way down to Moss Beach Distillery since she can't wait to have the delicious chicken!

Baily - Aussie
Big TV addict

Toby - King Charles Cavalier Spaniel
He likes to carry sticks and pine cones in his mouth during walks.

Renick - Black lab
He crosses his legs like a proper dog.

Gary - Shepherd mix
Very smart boy.

Slugger - Rottweiler
He digs in the sand so that your chair falls in the hole. So smart.

James - West Highland Terrier
James loves crystals and his favorite artist is Justin Beiber!

Archer - Greyhound
"I like to fart ... a lot" :3

Fisher - Greyhound
"I swish for your love" :3

Blu - Old English Sheepdog

Holly - Bullador (1/2 Old English Bulldog, 1/2 Yellow Lab)
I can wiggle my tail on command.

Falcon - Husky
He gets along great with cats.

Bruiser - Bernese Mountain Dog
He has the same skin pigmentation change as Michael Jackson (vitiligo).

Cooper - Black Lab
He does bang bang and plays dead.

Sundae - English Springer Spaniel
Loves to steal fries.

Sasha - Akita/Husky
Loves the boat.

Banjo - German Shepherd
Banjo was born in Cambodia!

(Grey) Goose - Pit Bull
He has a kitty brother who he loves to play with.

Roxie - Blue Nose Pit Bull
Steals our slippers to sleep with them.

Lola - Shitzu
She likes to give hugs.

Zyiah - German Shepherd
Very smart and can open patio French doors to get to her cookies and the cat's catnip.

Zoe - German Shepherd

Sid "Sedaris" - Chihuahua mix
He thinks he's a cat.

Gita - German Shepherd mix
Sleeps in yoga positions

Otis - Australian Shepherd
13 years old and acts like 3

Mooh - mutt
3 months ago she lived in India

Pinot - French Bulldog
Loves to play tug of war

Pasha - Siberian Husky
He loves water!

Sabra - Siberian Husky
She loves rolling in grass

Gracie - Pit Bull/Golden mix
She loves being with people

Kalihi - Siberian Husky
Kalihi loves to go to the dog park

Titan - Siberian Husky
Titan loves to play in water!

Maya - Siberian Husky
Maya loves to go to the beach! And the snow.

Sparky Parker - Catahoula/Pointer mix
She moves shoes all around the house

Rommel - Catahoula/Retriever mix
Loves chasing birds at the beach

Red - Chiweenie
Loves to eat food!

Gaga - Chihuahua
Gaga is an entertainer - she dances, rolls and poses

Lou-Sea - Chiweenie
She's like AmEx - I don't leave home without her

Coquette - Chihuahua
Trained as a show dog and service dog

Zoe - Shih Tzu
Just cute!!

London* - Golden Retriever
Likes people, tennis balls, treats

Sir Flint* - Lab (English)
Meditating dog

Foxy* - Mixed (very) DNA inclusive
Rescued from the streets of Taiwan China

Rosie* - Cocker/Poodle mix
She does tricks like dancing

Giada* - Cockerspaniel
Her commands are in Italian. When we whistle the theme from "High Noon" she will play dead.

Morty* - Corgi
Loves camping and smiling

Lily* - Yorkshire Terrier
Her favorite thing is to play dress up with all her clothes.

Emma Lou* - Boxer
Rescue dog - boxer with a tail!

Nellie* - Labrador Retriever
"I've trained my owners well" -Nellie

Jack - Border Collie/Lab
Can do high five, nose trick

Violet - Rat Terrier
Violet is from the Philly streets, loves rats

Cola - Chiweenie
Cola is a tubular lunatic who loves cats.

Buster - Beagle/King Charles mix
Plays ball (with himself), loves ice & carrots

Frank - Mastiff/Bull
Will shake and sit but thinks he's a lap dog! Hint: He's not!

*Thank you to the owners of London, Sir Flint, Foxy, Rosie, Giada, Morty, Lily, Emma Lou and Nellie for sending us a replacement photo after we had a mishap with our camera and lost their original photo.

Want to see more adorable dog photos? Visit our Dog Photo Contest Archives.
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