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Moss Beach Distillery
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Our Ghost

A Visit Does Not An Investigation Make by Loyd Auerbach
Psychic Frontier by Loyd Auerbach
The Blue Lady ghost
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The Moss Beach Distillery is well known for its famous ghost, "The Blue Lady", and the popular NBC TV series Unsolved Mysteries recreated a haunting version of "The Legend Of The Blue Lady" and presented it to the world.

According to the ghostly Coastside legend, some 72 years ago a beautiful, young woman met by chance, a handsome dangerous man and fell in love with him. This sophisticated ladies' man was, say some, a piano player in the bar. The naive young woman, always dressed in blue was already married to another but her unsuspecting husband never knew of the illicit affair. She made many trips to the restaurant to be with her lover.

The beautiful lady in blue was reportedly killed while walking on the beach below the restaurant with her lover. He was assaulted, but survived. It is here at the Distillery you will find her searching for her lover.

Alice 97.3 FM Haunted Broadcast seance with Sarah & Vinnie, Halloween 2009

Many strange events have been documented since that time that can not be explained such as mysterious phone calls from no one, levitating checkbooks, locked rooms from the inside without any other means of entry, women diners losing one ear ring and then several of these are found in one place weeks later, date tampering with computers, sightings by small children. We are glad she is not destructive with her pranks and continue to hear of new events that cannot be explained.

Come visit us for ocean view dining and try to catch a glimpse of the "Blue Lady".

Ghost Hunter Tech TV segment with psychic Annette Martin and parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach at the Moss Beach Distillery

Strange Universe TV segment with parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach at the Moss Beach Distillery

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